Why Would Joe Schimmel Go On GodTV?

Since we have been kindly asked to respond as to why Joe would appear on GodTV, we thought it was necessary to explain what led to the interview and why Joe decided to ultimately make an appearance on the show.

In 2016, Pastor Joe Schimmel participated in a debate with Dr. Doug Stauffer at the Prophecy in the News Conference in Colorado Springs, CO. The debate was concerning the timing of the rapture and ended up being a wonderfully fruitful discussion that benefited many in the body of Christ. During the conference, Pastor Joe was asked – as well as every other speaker at the conference – to take part in some interviews that were being recorded about the apocalypse and the end times. His opponent in the debate, Dr. Doug Stauffer, would be participating on the show, explaining his (pre-trib) position in contrast to ours (post-trib). Joe felt that although the interview would air on GodTV, which we believe has heretical programming, that it would be beneficial to the audience to have a Biblical view of end times events on their network, as well as provide viewers with our position in contrast to Dr. Doug Stauffer (and all of the other pre-trib speakers being interviewed).

It was also brought to our attention that John Haller attempted to defend Joe’s appearance on the show by explaining that we were ignorant of what network the interviews were going to be aired on. While we understand why John might come to this conclusion (considering it took almost 3 years to make Joe’s interviews available, while all the other speaker’s interviews showed up much, much sooner), that was only partially correct. John wasn’t being dishonest, but he simply didn’t have all of the facts. The temporary studio was put together at the conference in order to interview all of the participants. Joe was not very familiar with GodTV at the time, having never seen it and was not aware of the host’s associations (specifically, Rick Joyner).

While we may not agree with GodTV, and almost all of the programming airing on their network, at the time we felt that providing our position of a biblical, pre-millennial, post-tribulational rapture to the viewers on their show would be beneficial.

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