We are excited to announce the release of the 2-1/2 hour abridged version of our landmark 2-disc DVD, which is now available at a substantial discount! The film is now also available to stream On Demand through GoodFight.org

Left Behind or Led Astray? (Short Version)All of the most important information from our full-length 2-disc DVD set has been condensed down into one power-packed DVD! If you’d like to buy multiple copies to hand out to family and friends, check out our quantity discounts listed below.

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  1. Pretribbers claim their hermeneutic is verse by verse, chapter by chapter, literal interpretation only. They are quite vocal and proud of their claim.

    Then you immediately catch them adding various idea/teachings to Daniel 9:24-27. Such as God’s prophetic stopwatch pausing, the nonexistant singular Antichrist making and breaking a covenant (when only Jesus is being referred to as making an end of sins and bringing in everlasting righteousness). Obviously adding to scripture proves them to be LIARS. See Proverbs 30:5-6. They suppose you cannot tell they are straying FAR from their stated hermeneutic, which amounts to them deceiving themselves, which Jesus commanded against. Jesus has an explanation for people like this: “without Me you can do nothing good” — John 15:5. The run afoul of 2John 1:9-11, proving they do not have God.

    Lying deceivers are also rebelling against Jesus’ command to deny self and follow Him. More deadly sin. Their stubborness and rebellion are accounted to them as witchcraft and idolatry, ultimately, see 1Samuel 15:23.

    They add ideas to Revelation that are not in the text, totally unable to perceive the warning sign in Rev 22:18,19. And they would much prefer that you agree with their deceptive teachings, or they will treat you in a perverted manner, violating Jesus’ Golden Rule command in Matt 7:12. More antichrist rebellion to Jesus’ words.

    Jesus said He came to fufill the law and prophets in Matt 5:17,18. Pretribbers are incapable of abiding in Jesus’ words, trying to find modern day fulfillments of expired O.T. prophecies, they teach antichrist things. Jesus claimed all things that were written were fulfilled in Luke 21:22 and John 19:28. Again, pretribbers blast right past these verses in their fanatical fever to tell their lies and false prophecies. They call Him Lord, Lord, but do not what He says, falling on the utter wrong side of Luke 6:46-49. Not to mention that those who make and love pre-trib lies will be found with dogs, murderers, idolators and sorcerers, Rev 22:15

    Apparently pre-tribbers worship a jesus who also violates his own teachings. Most would call this rank idolatry and a failure to deny self. Their claims of being Christ-followers are bogus and ring hollow. They can be considered spiritual frauds.

    When you catch them teaching that at the rapture, Satan knows there are only 7 years until the 2nd Coming, they are backhandedly, inadvertantly telling you that Satan is their father. This is because Christ-followers know and worship the only One who knows the timing of the 2nd Coming — the Holy Father. Pre-tribbers might as well tell you they are involved in covert Satan-worship, for they must necessarily worship the one who knows when the 2nd coming is. They certainly accept Satan’s lies, he is the father of lies. That Satan knows the timing is a unscriptural doctrine of demons. Scripture says their consciences are seared.

    This is what their waterslide to eternal torment looks like. Religious, spiritual frauds, just like the idolatrous Mormons, Islam, the satanic Seventh-day Adventists, the devilish Jehovah Witless’s, Calvary Lousy Chapel, all pre-trib rapture cults, etc. They all have lying false prophets (J N Darby was a false prophet), ignoring Jesus’ command to beware false prophets in Matthew 7:15-23. Notice the terrible outcome, notice no forgiveness mentioned. Notice Jesus’ final words to them to get away from Him, He never knew them.

    Dispensationalism is a very large collection of man’s willful failure to observe Jesus’ teachings. It can be proven to be a subtle, clandestine form of Satan worship, much like Seventh-day Adventism. When God sends them strong delusion so that they believe a lie, they certainly had it coming good and hard, see 2Thess 2:10-12. There are some who the Lord just passes over, never giving them a love of the truth: He owes no man the love of the truth. Anything good (love of truth) is a gift from Him.

  2. Can you send to Norway

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