Left Behind or Led Astray?Take a fascinating journey with us as we examine the shocking origins of the secret, pre-tribulation rapture doctrine. You will be amazed as we look into admissions by pre-tribulation leaders who admit that the theory is without clear biblical and historical merit. Join us as we discover the origins of this relatively new doctrine, explore its possible origins among mystics, Jesuits and theologians, and how this doctrine was ultimately disseminated throughout the church. You will be surprised by our stunning conclusion.

Even the leading proponents of the pre-trib theory admit, as we note in this documentary, that there’s not one clear verse, not one clear passage in all of the bible, that actually teaches the secret pre-tribulation rapture theory. In fact, many of the leading proponents further admit that the early church fathers in the first 300 years of church history knew nothing of a secret pre-tribulation rapture. It is vital to examine this relatively new doctrine; what if we are going to go through the tribulation? What if millions of Christians are under the illusion that we’re going to escape that time and are not ready to enter into it? Because of this concern it’s important that we examine this new doctrine. However, we also need to iterate that this is not something that we should divide fellowship over as Christians, because we recognize that this is an in-house debate. There are wonderful, beautiful, good Christians on both sides of the issue in this debate.

Features expert commentary from:
David M. Bennett, Dave MacPherson, Dr. Mark Patterson, Jacob Prasch, Joel Richardson

Running Time: 264 MIN (on two DVDs)

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01 Introduction
02 The Apostles & Church Fathers
03 Pseudo-Ephraem
04 The Reformation and Beyond
05 Manuel de Lacunza
06 Edward Irving & Margaret MacDonald
07 John Darby’s Revisionism
08 Division in the Camp
09 Demon Deception
10 The Not So Secret Rapture
11 Pre-Trib, the Occult, and the 20th-21st Centuries
12 Conclusion


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  1. Hi my name is Amanda I’m trying to reach Dr.Mark Patterson I think Jesus is the only star The Bright and morning star and He referenced me as the day star that shined in a dark place and I would like to give him my testimony God willing thank you

  2. DVD is the dinosaur age. Laptops do not come with DVD anymore. Please use flash-drive or another media exchange.
    God bless

  3. Seth Lotito

    My brother I think if you seen the movie before the wrath you would understand the type and shadows of the gallalian wedding also dr ken johnson that is a leading expert in the dead sea scrolls and church father’s his study of them clearly taught of the pre trib rapture the scrolls prove it his website is Bible facts.org but loved you sumbering church and have lots of love for you my brother in Christ but I think you should check all this out

    • Before the Wrath is a wonderful picture of the church and bride of Christ!

      • We have seen the film and it does not change the facts of history nor of scripture. Many have commented here without having watched and considered the facts brought up in our film. Much research goes into a film like this given the (emotional?) controversy. Let’s be Bereans…no matter where the truth takes us.

  4. Do you offer a digital download of your movie?

  5. Renee Proctor

    My hope is that all Christians give this a great deal of attention.

  6. KatVanderburgh

    Great thoughtful comments. I do see a purpose now for me in my long life: to stand with the Jews. They have been so alone; sometimes for their sin, sometimes for ignorance and sometimes for “her” blindness. Whatever the case, we are all sinners and would like a hand to hold or a shoulder for tears.

  7. Paul French

    I believe the Bible teaches the Seventh Trumpet Rapture View which is post-tribulatonal and pre-wrath. The church will be spared from the wrath of God which is contained in the seven vials which comes after the seven trumpets. Unfortunately, though, the church will have to go through the great tribulation which is the persecution of the anti-christ, the wrath of satan first. So, did you know that there will be a general resurrection of the godly at the seventh trumpet, the last trumpet?

  8. After reading The Rapture Verdict which is an excellent book that demonstrates the erroneous teaching of the pretrib doctrine, I’m looking forward to seeing the DVD “Left Behind or Led Astray”.

    I used to be a pretrib adherent years ago simply because as a relatively new Christian I was taught to believe this by the church I attended.
    However as I began to study the scriptures for myself I began to seriously question it.
    I believe the bible clearly teaches only one return of Jesus Christ. A simple reading of Matthew chapter 24, Jesus states the order of events at his return quite clearly. Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun will not shine, the moon will not give its light. Then the sign of the Son of man will appear and all the nations of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. Then he will send out his angels who will gather his elect from the four winds (Rapture).

    All the nations see Jesus Christ return “visibly”! The pretribers say Jesus returns “invisibly” to gather the church. Where is this in scripture? Nowhere! This pretrib view bears striking resemblance to the false Jehovahs Witness teaching that Jesus came back to earth “Invisibly” in 1914.

    This just points out one of the many flaws of the pretrib view. There are many other difficulties that could be highlighted. I believe sadly that this view has become popular because of movies and fictional books like the left behind series which have helped popularise this teaching. The fact that there are many christians today who sadly dont take the time to study the scriptures themselves and basically just accept without examining what they are being taught also helps spread these erroneous interpretations. The bible says “test all things and hold to that which is true”.

    After studying the pretrib view and listening to various views on it, I believe that it is a teaching that is cobbled together by taking various scriptures out of context, having certain assumptions and offering erroneous interpretations of certain texts to try and make them fit into the pretrib chronology.

    As the the book “The Rapture Verdict” points out, a simple straightforward reading of the bible without overcoplicating it makes the events of Christs return easy to understand.

    • So then, what is all this….i will come like a thief in the night at an hour when you least expect it???

      Coming and being seen in the clouds and theif in the night, just doesnt fit.

  9. R. Ogburn

    Would like to purchase a copy of the DVD ‘Left Behind or Led Astray’
    but I cannot find how to find the ‘Shopping Cart’ to entry the information. Please tell me how to pull up the Shopping Cart, or may I order over the phone? If so, please send me the order desk phone number.
    Thank you.

    • When you visit the Home Page of our website, there is a yellow “Buy the DVD” button near the top left of the page. Click on that button, which will then bring you to the DVD information page. There you will see another yellow “Buy Now | $24.95” button a little bit down the page. This will take you into our Shopping Cart system in order to purchase the DVD. If you continue to have trouble, please visit our Customer Service page at https://www.goodfight.org/shop/customer-service/

  10. Donna Swanson

    I believe it is more based on Jewish festivals as the whole Bible is. There is an order and that’s why I believe in rapture before tribulation and God took righteous people out when he caused judgement.

    • Lina Diquattro

      Except when Israel was in Egypt, for example they underwent most tribulation ( most plagues ) and were protected by the final one, bringing with it death. After the passover, was the escape. Just saying.

  11. Anthony Scholwinski

    While, many may lay debate to many subjects in the Bible many conclusions are drawn by the observance of the word of God regarding many truths on doctrine.

    Perhaps, regarding this subject a bet should be made for someone to produce the time and hour that Jesus will come? Who can produce me that day and hour?

    Who can tell me this for 10,000.00?

  12. Steve Baker

    It became clearer to me after listening to the free YouTube video by Chuck Missler in regards to the Jewish template for end time events especially in relation to Jesus speaking in John 14 . Paul also spoke of the Blessed Hope – the early church had an anticipation for His return at anytime . Missler calls this the doctrine of Imminence.

  13. Terry Owens

    I really enjoyed this documentary, but I think you should do a thorough study of the 70 weeks in Daniel 9:24-27.The popular interpretation of verse 27 is the antichrist makes a peace treaty with Israel and in the middle of the 7 years he causes the sacrifice and oblation to cease,,as if that’s a bad thing. But the 70th week was fulfilled in the ministry of Jesus Christ. The entire 70 weeks are a messianic prophecy not a antichrist prophecy. This is a game changer because it destroys the pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib views because each of them base their theories on a flawed interpretation of the 70th week. Please consider this.

    • Mary Little

      You are correct. Daniel 9:27 is misinterpreted by the pre-tribbers. Unfortunately they ascribe ‘He shall confirm’ with ‘people ‘.
      Christ confirms the New Covenant for 7 years: 3.5 in his ministry and 3.5 through the apostles. Mark 16:20. Daniel fits ‘hand-in-glove’ with Bk of Revelation.

      • That is not truth. The first 3 1/2 years was fulfilled when The LORD JESUS ministered here on the earth. That period ended when HE was crucified.
        Now HE has a mor excellent ministry…Heb 8:6 ¶ But now hath he obtained a more excellent ministry, by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon better promises.
        The 70th week has only been partially fulfilled.
        The last 31/2 years is fulfilled during what has been called the great tribulation. Remember the Book of Revelation is not the revelation of the anti CHRIST, but the Revelation of JESUS CHRIST.

    • You are correct. ALL Premillennial views are incorrect and it appears, a Zionist-Jesuit contrivance designed to deceive Christians about what the true situation is: The kingdom of God is present now, having been foretold in Daniel 2:44, announced by John the Baptist (Mt 17:11-13) and brought to fruition by Jesus then preached by his disciples. We {born again believers) are already reigning with Christ.

      The crucifixion marked the middle of the final 7 years, and the stoning of Stephen marked the end of the final week. Then the gospel went to the gentiles.

      Those who have a Premillennial view need to study this out.

  14. Reginald Uka

    Dear Pastor Joe Schimmel,

    I will like to thank you very much for the left behind or Led Astray, Rebuttal, with, brother James Jacob Prasch and John Haller. I have ordered my copy of the film led astray or left behind.

    I used to be a pretribber, but thank God, for helping me through brethren like you and James Jacob Prasch, who are bold to dare the false teachers of pretribulation rapture, who has no scriptural authority to insist their false teaching should stand in the face of true staring them in the face that it is a fraud, that will cause many to fall away as a result of nothing counting the cost to die or suffer martyrdom for the name of Christ, who gave Himself for us.

    The Apostles, and early Christians were martyred. They never said that if the Lord did not rapture them, then their blessed Hope becomes a blasted hope, as Tim Lahey’s claimed, if pretribulation rapture is not true, then it is a blasted hope.

    It is Tim Lahey’s hope that is a blasted hope, not my blessed Hope, the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Episunagoge.
    Tim Lahey’s, John Nelson Darby, C.I. Schofield, and other modern day false teachers, who refused to repent from deceiving and misleading Christians by their false teaching, are the one’s whose blessed hope are blasted, If they refuse to repent and stop misleading the brethren by false teaching of Rapture before the signing of the seven-year covenant between the Antichrist and Israel, or pretribulation rapture / first resurrection. So only Israel will face the Man of Lawlessness , so said the pretribulationists! Who is antisemitic? So the Jewish people again will be the one to face the Man of Lawlessness, after the Holocaust. Where is their love for the Jewish people and Israel, if only the Jewish people will face the two ultimate Beasts of Revelation 13 : 1-10 , and 11-18? Where is the heart of love? Where is the tears the pretribulationists shed? I think there is not.

    Our Blessed Hope, your blessed Hope Pastor Joe Schimmel, Brother James Jacob Prasch, Brother Joel Richardson, and other faithful teachers and pastors of the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ, our Blessed Hope is the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of the trials, persecution, tribulation, martyrdom, and otherwise, nothing shall separate us from the love of Christ Jesus the Lord, who gave Himself for me and other brethren who love His appearing at the end of the Great Tribulation.

    Baruch HaShem ~

    • Mary Little

      I agree . Has anyone read the Prophets? The return of Israel to the Promise Land with Jerusalem as her capital is the harbinger of the End Times. Israel will be grafted into her own olive tree. Christianity is a Jewish religion. ..Jesus Christ and all the 12 Apostles were Jews. Jesus is the King of the Jews! It is dangerous to be anti-Semitic.

    • Bill McKenzie

      Question… What did Jesus ask us to look for?

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