Pre- Mid- or Post-Tribulation?Pre- Mid- or Post-Tribulation? explores what the Bible says about the timing of the rapture. Will Christians be here during the Tribulation? This thorough exploration of scripture will answer many questions and address misunderstandings concerning the timing of this much anticipated event.

2 CDs includes 20 messages in MP3 Format

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20 complete MP3 audio messages:
–Does It Really Matter?
–The Rapture of the Church on the Last Day
–The Rapture Immediately After the Tribulation
–The Rapture at the Last Trumpet
–The Rapture at the Lord’s Feast
–The Feast of Pentacost
–The Rapture and the Feast of Trumpets
–The Rapture at the End of the Age
–The Rapture at the Day of the Lord
–The Rapture at the First Resurrection
–The Church in the Olivet Discourse
–The Church in the Book of Revelation
–Michael, The Restrainer, and the Anti-Christ
–Like a Thief in the Night
–Imminency or Expectancy?
–Protected From Wrath
–Pre-Trib Arguments Refuted-Part 1
–Pre-Trib Arguments Refuted-Part 2
–The Second Coming of Christ-Part 1
–The Second Coming of Christ-Part 2


  1. collin David greve1

    Did you even read what Mr. Eaton said?!! Obviously, by the review, he does not need a link to re-watch what he has just reviewed. I’m quickly losing interest in this ministry!!! :>(

    • Mr. Heaton did not address anything specific from the multi-part debate from which to respond to, which led us to believe that he did not watch the entire debate. Personal attacks are not debate points we choose to address. Mr. Heaton never replied with any specifics with which we could respond to regarding this topic.

  2. Michelle

    I was brought up in a Pentecostal Church from birth and have always been taught pre-trib. Basically you won’t answer any questions outright. In every thread I’ve seen, you are referencing your videos as answers? So we can only get answers from you by purchasing your goods?!! I’m sorry but I live on a fixed income and frankly can’t afford your videos!! So am I to be left wondering about my questions because I can’t pay for answers? That doesn’t seem very Christian to me. Not sure how Jesus would really feel about you arguing with people that your view is correct and making people pay for answers. Just my opinion. God bless you.

    • Hello Michelle. We believe this is the first time you are contacting our ministry, and we are certainly willing to answer your questions, all you have to do is ask. 🙂 We have a complete video series of a debate Joe did with Dr. Doug Stauffer that is available for FREE on our Good Fight Ministries YouTube channel called “The Great Rapture Debate” (it is also on this website). Many of your questions might be answered in that series. We highly suggest you view this series. Here is a link to the playlist:

  3. So I read the open letter to Dr. Ice. How sad.
    You claim you are of the brotherhood, and publicly shame your brothers. Nowhere in your letter do you show even an ounce of respect for the brothers you accuse. I know someone else that is known as an accuser in our Holy Book.

    This is no longer an issue of Pre-Trib or Whatver-Trib debate. The issue has now become one of attitude. What the pattern clearly shows is the disrespect and lack of patience (Love) the Post Tribs have for the other views. Rarely do I see those that advocate for a “Blessed Hope” of Pre-Trib view alienate those of opposing views.

    Over and over, the criticism is the same. The apparent lack of “preparation” as it were is truly laughable; as though somehow the Pre-Tribs will suddenly be caught “unawares”. And what does your preparation entail anyway? Buying weapons for defense? This clearly violates the Mosaic law of Murder. Buying food and storage supplies? To do what exactly? Buy more time? As though you can somehow escape the terror that is coming on the world?

    It’s ridiculous. God discipline you.

  4. Richard D. Heaton

    Joe, I can’t understand your presntation and how it is supposed to have any other purpose but to divide believers frofm one another over an incidental doctrine as to the timing of the Rapture. If anything you are causing schisms. Your knowledge of the scholarship for pre is not a scholarly opinion, but a biased and prejudiced, and having known you and this hang up you have only shows to what incredable deficits your Post-trib hangup reallyis there is hardly any real criticism you present that any way does not reflect your bias and certainly not a critically well informed one. There is so much anti, that go so far as to accuse pre-trib Pastors of leading their flocks into apostacy, all over a non-essential doctrine. This whole war you are waging is inaccurate, sources and opinons and quotes you mention are recast in your mind not in actaul historical review. You have no scholarship except by the seat of your pants and you could not debate this issue without a blood pressure pill. For just an important item where did Jesus say He was coming for the Saints after the Tribulation. That whole idea is refuted by Jesus in Matthew 24:36, your arguement fails right at this point because the scriptures point out the exact amount of days from the begining of the Tribulation to the day That Christ comes in vengeance is spelled out for anyone to examine. This is a contradiction that you have to answer. Secondly you try to put the Church and Israel in the same place at the same time when scripture absolutely indentifies Israel (let not your idea 24:15-20 of the Church is Israel and Israel is the Church), But any reference or identifying idiom is never mentioned about the Church. This is a direct referance to Covenant Theology. This theology was what the reformers believed especially John Calvin, His hero was Augustine. I am no more leading people into apostacy by being a pre-triber, nor you, if you are a post-triber. This kind of presentation you have wasted the time of honest and sincere believers is nothing more than beating your drum by trying to discredit men and scholarship, I do not agree with Thomasa Ice. And your 10,000$ challenge a scam it is a developement that is just like the doctrine of the Trinity name one verse that proves that there is Trinity? And please do your best to try to convince that this a credible attempt on your part to discredit Pre vs. Post. So far there is no basis for a Post Trib vs. Pre-Trib, Jesus said we would not know the day or the hour. For you to discredit Pre from what you have presented, which was so biasedand prejudiced as I have done more research in this issue having a desire to be informed and not finding a hangup of accusing others of error without first examining myself.

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