On August 29, 2015 Dr. Paul Wilkinson spoke at The Berean Call Conference. He used much of his time in an attempt to discredit our new DVD, “Left Behind or Led Astray?: Examining the Origins of the Secret Pre-Tribulation Rapture.” During the Q & A session T.A. McMahon joined in on the discussion and had some additional remarks concerning our DVD.

This roundtable discussion featuring Joe Schimmel, Jacob Prasch and John Haller is our official response to Dr. Paul Wilkinson and T.A. McMahon of The Berean Call. Both Wilkinson and T.A. McMahon made some very concerning comments to which we felt it necessary to officially respond.

To view the entire session by Dr. Paul Wilkinson called “Israel Betrayed-Part 2,” for which this video is a response to, please CLICK HERE.

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