Pre- Mid- or Post-Tribulation?
Pre- Mid- or Post-Tribulation? explores what the Bible says about the timing of the rapture. Will Christians be here during the Tribulation? This thorough exploration of scripture will answer many questions and address misunderstandings concerning the timing of this much anticipated event.

2 CDs includes 20 messages in MP3 Format

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  1. Harry Alvarez

    Why should we serve a god that would not take care of his followers. God is not a liar he send his son Jesus to save us not to lead us into a massacre. Could you show me where does your god says he will deliver you or where he is leading his followers? The God that I served is the God that promise Israel that they will be a nation where is Israel now?

    God Bless

  2. Ann Robertson

    30 years ago I started seeing something wrong with Pre-trib. I began to research it and it led to a manuscript of over 300 pages. Everything you have said in the trailer I have discovered on my own. My friends rejected it and I put it on the shelf and never did anything with it. I figured time would tell. Now it is all coming to pass. Thank you for coming out with this film. May God bless you and it. The church is so deceived and set up for the falling away. If anyone wants to read what I have written, be my guest. I may have some angles that might invite further consideration. I’m not after any compensation. This issue is huge and is ready to break open in the church. Thank you. Ann Robertson 912-312-6229

    • Thomas Scully

      I am most interested. How do I obtain a copy of your commentary on this subject. My email address is
      May the grace and peace of the LordJesus Christ be with you.